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Projects and Clients 

Dr Lakshmi has had the opportunity to work with some illustrious healthcare brands, providing engagement strategies as well as conceptualizing, designing and writing content for their services. 

Blogs and Newsletters 

Fitterfly - Digital Therapeutics 

Man Doing Blood Test

Fitterfly is a digital therapeutics company that is working to help patients reverse and manage diabetes, with their programs and app. 

Diabefly fills the gap between clinic visits and consultations by helping people with diabetes make lifestyle changes which are essential for achieving blood glucose control, preventing complications.

They personalize glycemic responses from AGM/ AGP or 20-point SMBG values to give recommendations for food, exercise and sleep.

Dr Lakshmi works with their internal team to draft blogs and newsletter content. The target audience is B2B and the aim is to encourage awareness about digital therapeutics in healthcare. Click on the links below to read a few blogs written by Dr Lakshmi.  


Fourth Frontier 

Running Pair

Frontier X, their revolutionary patented product provides real-time feedback on cardiac health, with ECG and heart rate monitoring. 


Dr Lakshmi works with their internal team to draft blogs that engage their online community of users, a largely B2C audience with targeted heart health content. 

Click below to read some of the blogs written by Dr Lakshmi. 

Content Strategy 

Docs Campus, Healwell 24 

Image by Carlos Muza

Healwell 24 is a healthcare aggregator that provided both an app and a website enabling easy access to telemedicine, lab tests at home and pharmacy deliveries. They launched DocsCampus as India's First Doctor Patient Network, aiming to build a community of healthcare professionals, including medical students, who  engaged with each other as well as with patients. Dr Lakshmi works with their inhouse team to develop content for their website and social media platforms. This ranges from blogs and social media posts to hosting physician interviews in video formats. Click on the logo to see more. 

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