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Medical Content Strategy for 

Step 1 - Project Outline 

dr lakshmi vaswani client profile medical content

We started by identifying

  • The client's profile

  • Target Audiences 

  • Content Requirements 

Step 2 - Division of Content according to Target Audiences

dr lakshmi vaswani medical content writer

In this project,  the content needed to vary, with 60-70% catering to a B2B audience ( healthcare professionals)  and 30-40% catering to a B2C audience (patients and the community). This required a detailed content strategy with multiple content pillars. 

Step 3 - Establishing Content Pillars 

The pillars were built by understanding what kind of content the different types of target audiences would engage with.  

dr lakshmi vaswani medical content writer

Step 4 - Creating a Content Calendar 

dr lakshmi vaswani medical content strategy.jpg

Content for each day was submitted in a comprehensive calendar, complete with : 

1. Suggestions for graphics 

2. Content for image and carousel posts 

3. Detailed long-form captions

4. Post specific and niche-specific hashtags 

5. References for all content  

The format can be used across different social media platforms, making it easy for account managers to regularly draft and post content. 

Step 5 - Take a Look at the Finished Product! 

dr lakshmi vaswani docscampus content .jpg
dr lakshmi vaswani medical content _edited.jpg

Note Graphic design and account engagement carried out by the client's in-house team   

Client Feedback 

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